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We have won cooperation from well-known international companies in Japan and Switzerland

2020-08-03 12:16 Hesheng information

MBB与数聚智连(2018年由原蓝标电商战略升级而成)正式签署在中国成立合资企业的协议,双方将成立Markwins Blue Beauty Co. Limited,携手布局中国市场,加速MBB旗下品牌在中国的开拓与发展

This year, we will provide product technical collaboration services for the number one ATM manufacturer in Japan and the number one weighing instrument manufacturer in Switzerland. We are winning the favor of more and more top international companies.
This is a new achievement made by "Empowering International" enterprise construction, which marks that Seavo's technology and quality control capabilities have once again been recognized by international enterprises.

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