Build China's largest intelligent hardware innovation and entrepreneurship platform, provide services with the core of intelligent hardware supply chain, help turn ideas into products, and strive to build an intelligent hardware industry ecosystem


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Leading products

Deeply Customized App

Provide one-stop intelligent upgrade cloud services for different industries and different groups of products,
all-round software and hardware technical support,
APP custom development and hosting, big data sharing and other services.

saving customers the huge time and labor cost of software development.

Highly integrated hardware platform

Mature and mass-produced solutions, matching high, medium and low,
just use the shell to produce the product;

Provide mature and mass-produced solutions for innovative companies,
eliminating product development costs.

Unique industry connections

The supply chain O2O service launched for global IOT innovators not only
helps entrepreneurs assess the feasibility of products,
but also connects resources including electronic wires,
structural wires, assembly, and testing;

Directional support has been accumulated in the industry for many years and has abundant resources.
From the supply chain to channel resources to the purchase price,
they are all high-quality materials in the industry.