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Realize IoT smart city co-creation strategy

2020-08-03 12:18 Hesheng information


It is hoped that through this strategic alliance, it will form a platform supplier and system integrator upstream and downstream collaborative co-creation (Co-Creation) model with Huadian Internet in the field of smart city IoT. In addition to technical and product support, we will also conduct joint marketing with Huadian Network to implement the sales of WISE-PaaS and SRP (Solution Ready Platform) solutions. Huadian Networking is a domestic broadband application and system integration service provider that combines the four major industries of information communication, telecommunications, media, and information security. This time, it will combine its years of innovative application business services and smart city industry experience with our experience in smart cities. Solutions, and actively adopt the industrial IoT cloud platform to provide a one-stop overall solution. With the advent of the 5G era, based on the past experience of assisting telecom operators to build 3G, 4G and optical fiber networks, the two parties will work together to promote the application of 5G technology in security surveillance, artificial intelligence, and smart cities to achieve 5G. Innovative application business opportunities.
 Huadian Internet has excellent consulting and system integration capabilities in smart city related application projects, combined with industrial Internet of Things related hardware and cloud platforms, will form a very complementary strategic partnership and jointly create smart city related solutions. Huadian Internet is one of the few integrators that has the scale and ability to integrate smart city IoT solutions. Through the cooperation with Huadian Internet, we are confident that we can further expand the growth and market share of the smart city IoT market in China and Southeast Asia.
We have been focusing on the development of telecommunications, ICT, multimedia industry, smart cities, information security and services, industrial control Internet of Things, etc. As we are at the forefront of the industry, Huadian Internet has been committed to introducing the latest technology and providing customers with complete solutions. Co-creation and win-win with customers and partners are the business goals. We are an enterprise in the field of Internet of Things. Huadian Internet has participated in our co-creation plan to jointly develop a cloud service platform based on environmental monitoring and a smart park monitoring system. These plans all demonstrate the research and development results of both parties in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. This time through the combination of equity, the two parties have become closer strategic partners. Based on the original foundation, the two parties will put greater efforts to jointly cooperate in smart cities and smart applications, and further expand domestic and overseas markets to expand business opportunities.

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